We design and develop mobile apps that solve real-world problems

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How we work.

Our preferred approach is to use Scrum as a project management method. We believe that transparent work approach and customer engagement on every stage of the project is crucial for project success.

Our mission.

We strive to inspire you to do better things. To help you think a little differently. To find creative and innovative solutions to your most challenging business problems. In a rapidly changing world, we focus on delivering value early and frequently. Leveraging new and emerging technologies, we help our clients protect and extend their market advantage.

Our Founder

Tony Lopez, CEO and Founder of SMBS Solutions

As CTO and founder of SMBS, Tony combines his enthusiasm for new technologies with his entrepreneurial approach. He spent the first part of his career working as an executive for enterprise transnational clients, which helped him refine his ideas for the type of business he wanted to found.

The result was SMBS: a full stack consulting and software development company that brings together talent, experience, and innovation to create technology that delivers results.

Tony loves exploring the latest technology and finding ways to apply it to make our lives easier or just more fun.

How we do it.

Our team is experienced in creating solutions for a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Web Apps and more. We offer specialized packages to satisfy a range of needs and budgets, from rapid prototyping for startups to full-featured interfaces for transnational enterprises. Learn more.

Project Based

We estimate and fix the cost of the whole, custom development project (fixed price). Great for small and well-specified projects.

Hourly Based

We report actual spent time and charge for it, minimizing all extra fees. Good for medium and less-specified projects.

Dedicated Team

We allocate a team for your project (with an hourly based cost), which enables detailed task management and is recommended for big projects and continuous development.